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Spinning Light Bulbs and the Mindful Now

I so seldom write to this blog. Besides, does anyone read blogs anymore? We are so inundated with online musings into the ether. But when life has compelled the muse, as it has for me recently, I think that writing … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Carry On—Beginning Fiber Spinning and Life-Long Neuroplasticity of the Brain

When I teach fiber spinning, I try to encourage students to look beyond the struggles they initially have with coordinating their hands with their brains. Sometimes I take on the role of a counselor, reassuring them that their frustration is only … Continue reading

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Could Spinning Be Anti-Inflammatory?

For those who have mastered the rhythms of spinning fiber, you know the meditative nature of spinning. The wheel or spindle moves with your body at a pace similar to the pace of breathing. A deep breath in, the spin of … Continue reading

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