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With Just Some Thread & A Cloth…

I recently stumbled upon a work of textile art, The Quaker Tapestry, that struck me as worthy to share here—perhaps as inspiration or perhaps just to share so that it may be known by a wider audience. It is an example … Continue reading

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Spinning Light Bulbs and the Mindful Now

I so seldom write to this blog. Besides, does anyone read blogs anymore? We are so inundated with online musings into the ether. But when life has compelled the muse, as it has for me recently, I think that writing … Continue reading

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Room to Grow (& be creative)

2013 – the year of the big ADDITION PROJECT! It may have taken from April to December, but I’m back to blogging. My excuse for the absence is that I have been a little preoccupied this year. After 20 years … Continue reading

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The End? of Earthly Coat

Oh my goodness. This update is quite overdue. A busy life has kept me from concluding my thoughts on the Earthly Coat experience. But I’m not so sure I should blame a busy life. Deep down, I haven’t wanted the Coat … Continue reading

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Developments at the (Nearly) 2-Month Point

“It’s a volcano.” “Look at the painted flowers!” “It’s a coat for the stump.” “It looks like something Hagrid would wear.” [A giant in the Harry Potter books.] “I want a coat like this!” Those are some of the comments … Continue reading

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“Earthly Coat” Revealed!

I’m at the end of my long journey for the “Earthly Coat” creation… and the coat has just begun its duties at the MN Landscape Arboretum, as a symbol of our earthly coat: the soil—and to serve as a reminder … Continue reading

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The Parts & Parcel of “Earthly Coat”

All of the final design elements are in place, the coat has been properly landscaped with mulch, the signage is up, and now we are just awaiting the public opening this Saturday, June 2. With great relief I can say … Continue reading

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