Emerging from a LONG Winter

This morning was the first time since last November that I’ve been able to go outside without a hat and mittens. Such a long winter!

But along with me, the Earthly Coat material has emerged from the snow with no apparent sign of damage during its (our) hibernation.


In fact, the extreme cold and snow seemed to be kind to it since the surface is even better felted.


Now I need to decide where to put the Coat for the next few months since I need access to our garden area for the summer. Perhaps it will become a coat for the wood pile. Decisions decisions. Good thing Mother Nature doesn’t need to decide where to put her grasses and flowers. I just hope that we will soon see some of HER work. At this time last year, we had wildflowers in full bloom but today I just see weathered leaves and dirt out there.

In the next blog, I’ll be back to work – degumming silk. It’s an interesting process. Tune in!


About wendyj-sagahill

I am a textile artist, designer, and author.
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