Inspiration Springs Forth! …and choices are made.

Our early spring weather is making indoor work difficult but it’s also providing loads of inspiration…

An early spring riser: Sharp-Lobed Hepatica (in the Buttercup family).

One of the earliest bulb flowers: Scilla.

Day Lilies waking to spring at the edge of the woods.

A Minnesota woodland standard: Virginia Waterleaf.

My self-imposed schedule says I have 4 more weeks of detail felting work before I need to move on to the finishing phase. Right now, I feel that’s not enough time. But it’s always like that at this point in a project. I need to trust it will all come together as it’s meant to.

The detail felting is definitely the height of artistic freedom for me. But freedom is a mixed blessing. It means you have to make choices and those choices lead you along the way—sometimes making you end up in a different place than you thought you were going.

I’ve spent time stewing over how to approach the feeling of the design. I wanted a consistent look to the coat and to achieve that, a cohesive design concept is needed for the entire coat. But how to approach this? Do I focus on the details—making the design fit the virtual perspective of nature? Or do I break out into the world of the giants, as does the coat, and create a fantasy world of large flowers and plants? A turning point came on a rainy afternoon while listening to Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in D major Op. 28 “Pastorale”.  While listening to this uplifting piece, I started to “feel” the visuals in the coat. This may sound nutty to those who aren’t in an artistic mindset but I did somehow, deep within me, FEEL the visuals coming through this music. It felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes and the way became clear.

Oh, I’m cruel, but I’m not going to tell you the direction I ended up going since… I want you to see it in person!!

It’s a short post this week but I have to get back to work on the coat!

BTW… This week, my publisher told me that my Yarn Works book has been bumped back for a Spring 2013 release so it won’t be out this year as previously mentioned. The extra time is giving the layout staff more energy to focus on what will be a truly complete guide on fibers (protein, cellulose, and synthetic), spinning, and dyeing (natural and synthetic)—including 10 knitting patterns created from yarn made with the dyeing and spinning techniques outlined in the book.

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2 Responses to Inspiration Springs Forth! …and choices are made.

  1. Barbara Ruuska says:

    I love those pictures of the early signs of spring in Minnesota. Are these plants that grow in your yard? I also saw my strawberries popping up in new places this year. The deer are going to have a hay-day in our yard. I’ll have to fight them and Toby for my strawberries.
    Sad news about the book, but there might be a silver lining in the fact that you can focus energy on the Arb exhibit. I can’t wait to go see it this spring/summer.


    • Yes, those plants are in our yard. Our wild woodland property is always producing interesting plants. And every year is different. The Ferns and Jack-in-the-Pulpits are my favorites. Both are also starting to emerge now. Our dog fence keeps the deer out so, besides the plants (and a few trees) that are destroyed by a couple of wild border collies, nature is allowed to just be without interference by us. It’s good karma I think.


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